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What is (romance) Love?


  Music is always about love. We have a lot of precious things to be made into songs besides “love”, but why are we all crazy about love?

  One of the biggest questions in my life is “What is Love?”. Love here means Romance Love. It is completely different from other love. Unlike others, it’s almost always one-on-one and it has sexual relationships. Since we, human beings are animals, we have an instinct to have offspring as much as possible. It must be absolutely difficult to continue to love just one person as a partner or a loving interest forever. However, people never give up trying to find a partner to stay with them forever. Honestly, I sometimes see them with cold eyes, but I recognize how beautiful loving only one person is, even if only for a moment.

  This exhibition title is borrowed from “What is Love?” by Twice 2018. Some of them, who sang “I wonder what love is.” have already had boyfriends and also experienced the breakup. I still listen to their love songs as if enjoying another world’s twinkle stories. still alive.jpg
02.Love song.jpg
03. thinking about U.jpg
04. confession.jpg
05.let them be sticky, sticky love.jpg
08.don't need it anymore.jpg
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