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get stronger


  These 9 works, “get stronger” were created between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 when I was in London. Unexpectedly I had experiences of discrimination (or I can just say I got treated badly) based on appearance, job, where I live, fashion and social status, etc… there too. Rather, their eyes to judge me were sometimes stronger and more direct than I felt in Japan. I realized I couldn’t escape or fight with such things unless I have the "strength”, no matter where I go. My desire that I want to get stronger (or want to look strong) mentally, physically, financially and also from a social standing point made me create the works. 
  These works aren’t a declaration of revenge towards anyone or messages of curse for particular people. However, this desire, “get stronger" still exists, even though it has slightly changed its shape. I can say that I became somewhat stronger than when I created the works. But I still don't have enough power to fight the occasional unreasonableness, nor a strong mentality to ignore them. 
This would be very personal, but there is almost no friend when working as an artist / director, who can be on my side. I know it's a little exaggerated, but I've been strongly feeling the pain of fighting alone for the past few years.
I hope I can someday have friends who enjoy this endless "get stronger" journey together.

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